Posted on 20/07/2019

Can renting to pet owners be beneficial?

Can renting to pet owners be beneficial?

A survey by Dogs Trust indicate that 78% of pet owners expressed difficulties in finding privately rented accommodation that would allow pets.

Furthermore, 54% failed to find a suitable property in the end and sadly 8% of Pet owners had to re-home their pets after failing to find a property.

These facts pose big questions for the UK Landlord.

Firstly, do you (Landlords) consider waiting for a Pet-Free Tenant to move in?  Or would you consider tenants that pass referencing and can afford the rent, but come with a well-behaved pet?

It would seem the numbers speak for themselves…

With 4 in 10 potential tenants possibly having a dog or cat as a pet and 8 out of 10 Landlords telling us they would prefer a pet free tenant…something is going to have to give!

What you as Landlords can do in today’s tenant market to protect your property investment should you decide to give into the thought that a Tenant with a Pet maybe better than not having a tenant at all?

So what does this mean for you? Is letting your property to a pet owner a liability or can it bring surprising benefits?

Is renting to pet owners a bonus?

Given that pets are so popular, it makes sense to look at what benefits owners could bring you as tenants and how to manage any issues that may arise.

Opening up your rental property to pet owners means a greater number of potential tenants. You could increase your potential tenant base by 45%

Finding a pet-friendly landlord can be difficult for tenants, so you will be tapping into a whole new pool of people you hadn’t considered before which will give you the edge on other landlords who aren’t willing to accept pets.

You may find that tenants are likely to stay for longer, given that pet-friendly landlords can be hard to find.

Pet-owning tenants are just as likely to be responsible and reliable as any others. Maybe even be more so if they are eager to hold on to a welcoming home for them and their pet.


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